Radon Abatement and Its Importance for Bloomfield Residents

Monday, June 25, 2012 @ 06:06 PM
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Radon Abatement Bloomfield, MichiganRadon is a heavy, colorless, odorless and radioactive gas that shares many chemical properties with helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon. It is created during the beta decay of radioactive elements like thorium, uranium and radium, a process that eventually results in non-radioactive lead. If sufficiently concentrated, radon is one of the most deadly poisonous substances known to man. Even worse, one of the largest sources of radon pollution is not the factory or the power plant; it is the domestic household. Researchers have found, in fact, that indoor pollution can be a hundred times worse in some cases than outdoor pollution. Of course, this means that the consequences for human health can be extremely serious, as many people — especially city dwellers — spend more than half of their lives indoors.

The Need for Radon Abatement

The symptoms of radon poisoning can range from relatively mild ones, resembling those caused by the flu, to more severe ones like pneumonia, allergic reactions and even lung cancer. In fact, federal officials have estimated that at least one out of every 25 deaths from lung cancer may be due to radon. The gas can be found in soil, building materials, and gas and water supplies. Homeowners have often unwittingly made their residences more subject to radon pollution by insulating them against weather, making it more difficult for the radon gas to exit the house once it gets inside. The daughter elements into which the gas decays cling to airborne dust particles that become trapped in the lungs when inhaled, damaging cells and potentially causing cancer.

Determining Whether Radon Abatement is Necessary

Homeowners can obtain devices that enable them to perform radon tests on their residences, two of which cost under $50. A diffusion barrier charcoal adsorption (DBCA) collector absorbs water vapor and radon from the air; it is then delivered to the manufacturer, who determines the radon level by analyzing gamma ray emissions. An alpha track device is useful for more long-term testing; it consists of a film that is sensitive to radiation that is taped to the floor, wall, or ceiling. The tracks left by radon daughters are then analyzed by the manufacturer. Of course, home versions of radon tests can be slow and inconvenient; therefore, many homeowners choose to have SWAT Environmental radon abatement specialists perform a professional version of the test.

Radon Abatement in Bloomfield, Michigan

In communities throughout the United States, agencies are at work to curb the danger from radon pollution. In Bloomfield, Michigan, this agency is SWAT Environmental; their services are particularly critical since most of Michigan is a hotbed for radon gas contamination. SWAT Environmental provides both residential and commercial radon abatement. Their abatement experts can analyze your home, its layout and structure to determine how the radon gas is getting inside. This allows them to design the best possible radon abatement system to ensure that the risk from the gas to you and your family is eliminated.

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