Residential Radon Mitigation – Bloomfield, Michigan

Residential Radon Bloomfield MichiganHomeowners in Bloomfield, Michigan may have a problem involving the existence of high levels of radon within their homes. Although a certain amount of concern and worry should be the first reaction, it should immediately be followed by the realization that there are experts who understand the techniques of radon mitigation, a strategy for minimizing the presence of this potentially harmful gas.

While it is true that residential radon mitigation is not a simple remedy, its results are typically reliable and effective. This is true even in southern areas of Bloomfield, Michigan where radon problems are noted for being above average. In particular, average residential radon levels in some areas of Bloomfield, Michigan have been noted to hover directly above or below what is considered by the EPA to be a safe level.

Unfortunately, residential radon is a known carcinogen, making a mitigation a necessity rather than an option. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon contributes to the ongoing incidence of lung cancer within the United States. It is only second to smoking as a leading contributor to lung cancer deaths throughout the fifty states. Fortunately, our residential radon mitigation specialists are fully prepared to help lower existing levels of this harmful gas from your home.

How Radon Silently Enters a Home

Since radon is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, it enters homes in Bloomfield, Michigan silently and unnoticed. It is produced when uranium, found beneath the earth’s surface, decays and makes its way up to the surface. As radon nears the surface of the earth, it filters through cracks in the earth or existing buildings. If this radioactive gas issues forth from the soil or rocks, it disperses into the air, where it does no harm. However, if this noxious gas enters existing residential buildings, the level of radon builds up in the homes.

Radon enters homes primarily through cracks in their foundations. However, radon may also enter the home through the residential water-circulation system. If the foundation or walls of private wells have cracks in them, radon can enter the water supply. When this occurs, the homeowners are exposed to water that has been contaminated by radon every single time they drink water, cook with water, wash up, bathe, shower, or complete household chores using this contaminated water.

Finding a Qualified Residential Radon Specialist

Homeowners living in Bloomfield, Michigan have ready access to radon mitigation specialists. Our company provides highly-skilled individuals who are experienced with radon mitigation techniques. Having the proper training, experience and qualifications needed to properly guide homeowners in residential radon mitigation, our radon mitigation specialists eliminate high levels of this noxious gas from affected homes. Offering your family peace of mind and safe air to breathe, our mitigation specialists are prepared to take the steps needed to put an end to the poisonous infiltration of radon into your Bloomfield, Michigan home.

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