Residential Radon Mitigation

Homeowners in Bloomfield, Michigan may have a problem involving the existence of high levels of radon within their homes. Although a certain amount of concern and worry should be the first reaction, it should immediately be followed by the realization that there are experts who understand the techniques of radon mitigation, a strategy for minimizing the presence of this potentially harmful gas.

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Commercial Radon Mitigation

The existence of radon within a commercial building in Bloomfield, Michigan is a serious matter that merits immediate attention. After all, not only do you have to worry about your livelihood, but you also need to worry about the health and livelihood of your employees. On top of that concern, you might also need to deal with specific state and local regulations regarding radon mitigation strategies as they are required in Bloomfield, Michigan.

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Waterborne Radon Reduction

If you are like most people, then you probably think that radon contamination only occurs when this radioactive gas seeps into a building through tiny cracks in its foundation or holes in the lower portions of its walls. While this is one of the primary ways that radon seeps into buildings, another way does exist. Radon can get into buildings in Bloomfield, Michigan through the water supply. This is known as water-borne radon contamination.

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Air Purification Systems

Have you ever thought about how clean the air inside your home or place of employment actually is? If you haven’t done so yet, you probably should do so. Inside air is generally less clean than outside air. This is because a number of pollutants exist in the air inside buildings located throughout the country, including Bloomfield, Michigan. You constantly breathe these contaminants in and out over and over.

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Services For Realtors

Radon and radon mitigation are important considerations when buying or selling a house in Bloomfield, Michigan. While everyone involved is concerned in making the house sale as trouble-free as possible, the safety of the people who will be living in the house after it is sold must also be taken into account. Radon gas is considered to be a Class A carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); it is a by-product of ancient deposits of uranium in the soil and rock. This radioactive gas can cause lung cancer – an average of 21,000 people die from radon-caused lung cancer in the United States each year – but not everyone who breathes radon gas comes down with the disease.

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