What is Radon – Bloomfield, Michigan

What is Radon – Bloomfield

If you live in the Bloomfield area, you may think that radon is a problem only in other parts of the country. But the fact is that radon contamination can happen anywhere, and Bloomfield area homes are often affected by this dangerous radioactive gas.

To understand what makes radon so potentially hazardous to Bloomfield residents, it is helpful to understand what the gas is and how it enters your home. Radon has no odor, and you cannot see it. That means your Bloomfield area home could have high levels of radon and you would never even know it. That is why it is so important for every Bloomfield area resident to have his or her home tested for high levels.

Dangers of Radon Gas

One of the things that makes radon so dangerous to residents of the Bloomfield area is its radioactivity. Radon is a radioactive gas, and that means it can cause health problems in your family. Worse yet, these health hazards are cumulative in nature, so the longer you and your family are exposed to radon the greater the risk. In fact, radon gas is a leading cause of lung cancer among Bloomfield residents, and it is important for those residents to protect themselves.

Protect Yourself From Radon

Bloomfield RadonThe best way to protect yourself and your family from the hazards of radon is to have your Bloomfield area home tested as soon as possible. Until you have your home tested for contamination, you cannot truly know whether or not you are at risk. A good radon testing company will be able to look for common sources of radon contamination. They will also be able to test the air inside your home for high levels of radon, and work with you on a plan to eliminate high levels when they are found.

A good testing company will also test the water inside your Bloomfield home for high levels of radiation. Radon gas can seep into the groundwater and contaminate wells in the Bloomfield area, so any testing program should include both the air inside your Bloomfield home and the water inside your pipes.

If the Bloomfield area testing company you hire finds high levels of contamination, they can work with you on a plan to reduce those levels and protect your home and your family. The methods used to get rid of radon vary according to a number of factors, from the size of your home to the underlying structure and foundation type. The company you hire to fix your Bloomfield area home can work with you to find the best radon remediation technique for your needs.

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